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Hi! My name is Natalie and I am a Norwegian girl from Ålesund. Some may say I am hornier than most girls, and I take this as a compliment :). I love to show what I got and yes, I am bit of a exhibitionist. This is my personal webpage, where you can enjoy all my videos. Right now I make around three, four movies a week, so you got a lot of watching to do! Get to know me better by reading my biography

Suck and fuck in the livingroom
Playtime: 31 minutes
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We made this video, myself and my boyfriend, one late winter evening. We got king of bored so it was good to find the camera, get naked and have some real fun. As we were filming and fucking in the same time, the camera was a bit unsteady :).it´s so good to have a big cock inside my mouth, I love it, but not just that, I also got banged from all possible angles
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Watching porn and fucking
Playtime: 36 minutes

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It stirs me up to watch a good porno movie when I play with myself and, even better, I love to get fucked while I hear some hard moaning and screaming from tv.feels like there´s another couple beside us fucking. In this movie you can see me, Natalie, sucking Stig´s cock and of course, getting my pussy banged hard from behind - one of my favorite positions. All ended with me getting a lot of hot cum all over my tight ass..mmm..
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Interview that ends with cumshot
Playtime: 27 minutes

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This movie begins with me giving a quite long interview - we talked around ten minutes when I just couldn´t hold myself any longer and began touching and rubbing my pussy.
In no time I take off Stig´s pants and shovel his cock all the way in my mouth sucking him good. I get so horny feeling a hard cock up my throat.soon, he sticks his dick hard in my cunt and I began to moan as he was fucking me. He took me from all positions and in the end he shot his load inside me..

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Hardcore sex in the bedroom
Playtime: 30 minutes

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One Wednesday afternoon we decided to set up the camera and film us fooling around. All began with me reading a porn magazine - even though I´m a girl, I like porn magazines same as you do, guys. After a while, when I was already all wet, Stig steps in, pulls down his pants and sticks his cock in my mouth. He choked me hard, but it was good. I sat deep on his cock and he banged me doggystyle - that´s what I call a nice evening
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Sex on the kitchen bench
Playtime: 24 minutes

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Stig just came home from the gym and I was preparing some food, when we decided to have some fun before dinner; I gave him a warm kiss before he lifted me on the kitchen bench, pulled down my pants and began to lick my shaved pussy. I sucked his stiff cock and got fucked hard on the kitchen bench, it was so good! We ended up on the kitchen floor where he fucked me long and hard.

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Blindfolded and ass-fucked
Playtime: 31 minutes

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Ok, this was a really kinky, exciting feeling - I got to admit that. I was sitting in a chair, blindfolded, not knowing what was happening. Suddenly, I felt a hand grabbing my head, a voice commanding to open my mouth and felt a hard cock entering my mouth. I became all wet only imagining the scene. Later I was taken hard from behind and got my ass fucked hard - it felt sooo good to have my asshole stretched again.Of course I got jizzed all over my face and that was the highlight of a really intense, kinky experience.
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Fucking in the forest
Playtime: 26 minutes

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It is really magnificent when you can take a tour in the nature and let free of your fantasies. The chance to get caught while you fool around makes it even more exciting. We got rid of our clothes and all inhibitions on that forest - I can tell you that.It felt really good to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin while a big cock was fucking me hard. Can´t wait for the next summer :)

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Banged hard in the shower
Playtime: 28 minutes

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This erotic scene begins with me in the shower masturbating - I was smart :) enough to get in with me a big dildo for some real fun. I get a sudden visit and in no time I´m on my knees and sucking a big stiff cock. He slams me on the wall fucking my brains out and fingering my ass.kinky!

Me and a girlfriend
Playtime: 25 minutes

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Wanna see me fooling around with another girl? I actually enjoyed licking that wet, shaved pussy :). We filmed this movie, me and my girlfriend, one boring day.we glanced at each other and decided to have some girl to girl fun - it was the firs time.and it was an experience I want to repeat with every chance I get. Watch me licking and getting my moist cunt licked back.mmmm..delicious!!

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Fucking in football outfit
Playtime: 27 minutes

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All for Norway, that´s what they say around here.This movie is perfect for all you football fans. I´m having a football outfit in a good nationalistic spirit.Watch me sucking cock., getting my pussy licked and fucked fast and furious from all possible angles. Yes, you can say I got one for the team in this movie! Hope you´ll enjoy this as much as I did!
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Hardcore anal sex
Playtime: 32 minutes

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You might have seen me in many other videos. It´s not without reason that I am called "the anal queen".no, I really like to feel a big, phat cock up my ass, it´s heaven! Stig knows how to make me horny as hell, licking my pussy long and good and finger fucking my ass-hole easily. I slide down on him, and we´re all set :) He fucked me inside out and drowned my face in cum as a sign of appreciation for all these :)
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Playing nurse
Playtime: 34 minutes

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I think it´s fun to dress in a police uniform or as a teacher, it gives that extra kinky feeling, especially that you, guys, love it, too. In this scene I put on a slutty nurse outfit and began to play my role with my boyfriend as a patient. He pretends he´s a bit sick and I have to take care of him with my magical hands:). He obviously got a lot better when I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him good. My efforts were paid in full when he fucked me hard from behind and jizzed all over my cock addicted face..I love cum!!
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